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The people in Roeul are in general poor farmers, living in small huts without electricity, decent water supply and toilets. Many people who used to have a small piece of farm land, sold this in order to survive or to pay for treatment of serious illnesses. At he end they are depending on work at other people's land. Other people sold their land in order to build a house. Now they are in a situation where they have to sell or rent their house as well. Although there is a national program to redistribute farm land, the execution is very slow and many malicious people and banks are 'interested to invest'.
Still there are families that cannot afford their children to visit schools.

Slowly the educational situation is improving, salaries are raised and there is better control over the number of hours the teachers are teaching. Yet, there are too few teachers and the level of teaching is low.
Though slowly improving, low hygiene standards and mal-nutrition cause  many people having a bad health.

A variety of programs and projects, starting bottom up, was introduced to help people develop towards a better active way of living, earning enough money to 'live' from, with better sanitation and less illnesses.

The first series of sewing classes in the CAMDOC Training Center have resulted in a few new sewing shops each with their own specialty.
Computer classes are well visited. Its course content is continously updated the number of available computers adapted to the need.

hygiene course


Monthly courses in hygiene are presented to groups of people in the villages. At the same time a support program offers people in the villages hygiene articles at affordable low prices is run.




On the CTC grounds training in growing trees, vegetable, fish and eatable insects are developed. It shows people how to start growing such products in their own small gardens and improve the nutrition level of their daily meals. People are encouraged to start small shops in specialised fruit and vegetables.
Selected talented students graduating from the secondary school can become financial support to follow the three year study at high school, Puok or Siem Reap.