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CAMDOC is the realization of activities started by Mr. Borey Moeun and colleagues about 7 years ago. The incredible poverty of the people in the rural area, not far from Siem Reap where he was born, made him decide to quit his job as manager of a travel agency and dedicate his further life to help the poor children there to have better chances in life.

With friends in Europe CAMDOC was founded, as well as an association with the name Cambodia Child Aid in Munich, Germany. The last is mainly to get support from Europeans and gather donations to finance the projects carried out by CAMDOC in rural Cambodia.

foster girl with school uniform and donated bike

Since both organizations are small, it was decided to concentrate the activities in a limited -target- area, the community of Roeul about 40 km NW of Siem Reap. Main goal is to get the children to school. Although education is principally free and compulsary for children till 14 years old, many families cannot afford their children to go there. They need the children's help working on the rice fields, there is in many cases no money to pay for the obligatory school uniforms and stationaries. Besides the distances to school are in many cases kilometers wide and especially in the monsoon time it is often almost impossible to get there. Therefore it is necessary to support the poorest families directly through a foster program, rendering food for the family, a bicycle for the child and support in improving sanitation and health.

The sanitation program includes hygiene (washing hands with soap, brushing teeth), introducing toilets and help with supply of clean water by drilling water wells with simple pumps.

Additional education in English, as well as vocational training in sewing was started in our recently opened CAMDOC Training Center, while computer usage and training in other skills, as well as helping to start up small scale commercial activities, are in the planning for the very near future.

Under the menu items you will find further information on our organization, a more detailed description of our programs, the several projects we are running or planning, as well as information about the organizations that support us, a photo-gallery, etc.

To get all this realized and going on in the future, we need your support.


drilling a water well

road during monsoon