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Tailor Shop

As a spin-off from the sewing classes a small tailor shop is opened inside the CAMDOC Training Center. The intiative was taken by the leader of the sewing class. After moving the CAMDOC Training Center into the new hired location on the main (gravel) road through the commune, it soon became clear that there is great interest in CAMDOC's activities.

Future brides asked for the possibilities to have their wedding gowns made by the sewing class. Inside CAMDOC itself the idea was raised to start sewing the school uniforms at competitive prices. Though there is no intention of CAMDOC to compete with the local entrepreneurs, a small income can be generated to make the tailor shop and the sewing class financially less dependent, and as such assure the future.

As a starting present a weaving machine and a professional sewing machine were bought, and a promotion team formed from CAMDOC staff was installed recently.