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Education & Training

Additional Education for Children
CAMDOC offers additional education for the children in the Roeurl Commune. Principally the education is free of charge for all children, including school books for the different levels.

new CTC building

On the CAMDOC ground, the new CAMDOC Training Center was built early 2014. It comprises a class room for teaching English classes and a rooom for computer classes.

On request of the school heads, beginner's English is tought in a number of classes in local primary schools in the villages. It serves to build an entry level for the somewhat more advanced classes in the CAMDOC Training Center.

Cooperation with and support of schools
CAMDOC cooperates with schools, e.g. basic English classes are tought now in three primary schools, far from the CAMDOC Training Center. Occasionally schools are financially supported when they request for certain facilities. Examples are financing burglary proof class rooms and white boards at the Boo Yung secundary school, a roofed area at the Reul primary school for children to read and sit in their resting time, giving small presents for the best students and recently, a bike project for the poor students at the Boo Yung school living far away from the school.

Education for CAMDOC staff
The CAMDOC staff is offered post school education on an individual basis. The -potential- CAMDOC staff are encouraged to improve their knowledge and skills in languages, basic knowledge of sanitation and training in different professions.

making baskets

Vocational Training
At the CAMDOC Training Center vocational training is given. The piece of land the Trainings Center is built on, offers room for enhancements like small tool shops, agricultural experments, etc. These activities help to prepare people to create and build things themselves or start their own small commercial activities and become independent in a variety of fields.

Examples of vocational training topics are: sewing classes, skills in handicraft like making fine art baskets, construction work, machine shop(s) for repair of pumps, bicycles and motorbikes, founding self-supporting agricultaural cooperations, basic management for shop owners, etc.