Cambodia Development Organization for Children

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People in CAMDOC

An organization like CAMDOC can only be run with a reliable staff, dedicated to do the job and focussed on getting the goals realized.


The heart of the organization is the founder and current director Borey Moeun MSc.

Mr. Sokhorn

Mr Sokhorn teaches English for the different levels of students. Three of his best students assist him teaching at the lower levels. The beginners classes are in the local primary schools of the villages Prolith, Tom Roeung and Kok Knang. The higher levels are tought in the CAMDOC Training Center. Mr. Sokhorn also is the coordinator of the center.


Mrs Kimsang

Mrs. Kimsang joined CAMDOC in 2012. She teaches English on behalve of CAMDOC in several primary schools on request of the school heads.

Mr. Sin

Already since three years Mr. Sin joined us to take the lead of our computer class. Sin is also teacher at the Tomroeung primary school. Every afternoon from 1.00pm till 5.00pm Sin teaches his students the basics of using a computer and some standard programs like Word and Excel.

Ms. Sokchreb


Ms Sokchreb has joined us early 2014. She teaches English in our CAMDOC Training Center and on behalve of CAMDOC in several primary schools on request of the school head.

Mr. Makara

Mr. Makara also joined us in 2014 as a Englisch teacher. He also teaches in the secundary school in Roeul.

Mr. Sok

Mr. Sok is the concierge of CTC. He does the guarding at night, keeps the center clean, maintains the garden and takes care of lunch when visitors are at the center.

With our own drilling equipment we have three people in operation for drilling new wells. Mr. Kong, Buntoeun and Loan.



All teachers in our staff participate in the monthly hygiene courses organised in the villages to tell the people about daily life hygiene.